Something to do for winter.

I love winter. 
It's true. We finally got snow yesterday & our house is so excited! 
(maybe not daddy)

Reasons why winter is my favorite. 

All the family time.
Hands down.
When we are all STUCK in 1 house. SNOW DAYS. It's a beautiful thing for me! 
I love when Superman is stuck in the house with me! He gets to relate & I get to depend on him. 
After all, He is MY Superman! ;)

Ok. TOP THING to do for WINTER 2012. 

GO to netflix & watch the 1st season of DOWNTON Abbey!

It was change your world. 
Season 2 is on PBS right now on Sunday Nights & I am so happy. 

Just look at these pictures....

Just look at their hats and costumes.

She is so pretty!

 Guy on FAR LEFT... <----- horrible. He is eeeeevil.

The sisters that have changed my life. 

Serious friends. DO IT! You won't regret it! 


  1. I've been hearing all the buzz about the second season and wondering if I should hop on board! I think you just convinced me!!! I'll have to watch the first season on netflix asap!

  2. Love it!!!!!!!! i can always depend on you to open my eyes to New BBC material i can sink my teeth into:)) LOVE YOU!

  3. And I've been totally meaning to watch this!!!

  4. I actually started watching season 1 yesterday! I am almost done with it. :)


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