Isn't that word just awesome? Steady. I mean, seriously... I would name my child it if it was ok. I just don't think "Steady Fox" would sound right. ;)

As a mom..... I have my  days where I can't find 1 mate of socks for the LIFE OF ME. ! :(  

I see the pile of laundry..... somehow growing...with vengeance.... 

My kitchen sink is not "clean." (sorry, flylady!) 

My entry way is one big PUDDLE of melted snow and boots EVERYWHERE. 

Ok. Enough of me complaining.... You see... all these problems are minor, right? BUT... to a mom...there just little stones BLOCKING my well. Keeping the WATER to come to me.... blah.

Well, I don't know how she does it. But Kari Jobe has done it again..... She brought me through post partum with Tristan.... Her & MONK (yep. ) 

Now, she is just giving me HOPE & her newest song is OUTTAAA THIS WORLD. Okay, Her newest CD is LEGIT. I mean... It's EPIC. Everyone should go BUY IT! 

Here is my favorite song on her newest album.. "STEADY MY HEART!" 

Enjoy it. Listen to it over and over, until the LYRICS ARE IN YOUR BLOOD. 

Ok, G' night friends! Happy FRIDAY! 


  1. OHMYGOSH! I just re-read this and laughed my tukas off with "Steady Fox"!!!!!!!!!! bahahahjajajajaa

  2. 1) Kari jobe is amazing.
    2) some days I feel like I spend 8 hours cleaning and at the end of the day the house is dirtier than it was when I started. Totally get you!

  3. Not sure if i've said how much I love your new layout but I do! It's so cute!

  4. Just got the CD this weekend. AMAZING is right. Already planning to have it on repeat during labor :) :)


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