The Power of A New Hat.

Dear Livia, 

There is never a time I don't look at you and think... "How beautiful."
God knew exactly what He was doing when He formed you and created your perfect nose, tiny lips, & adorably unique hairline! When I look into your eyes I see Jesus. I often think, "How can someone so young & tiny have the eyes of the GOD of the Universe?" Oh... but silly me. He is your Creator & your FATHER.
You are 8 months now. Growing so fast. You are 14 lbs & too wiggly to get an accurate length. 
You sing when I sing. You dance when daddy dances. You cry when Tristan cries. 
You adore your brother more than any other person in the room.
You LIGHT UP when you see Gramma.
You start to SQWEEL when you see Aunt Lois!
You are deathly afraid of public bathrooms. 

How did I blink and 8 months have gone by? 

You don't appreciate when I try to give you belly time. 
just the other day you went to your tummy & reached for what you wanted.
You are a GO-GETTER. Tristan will appreciate someone to keep up with him.

Your favorite toy is your eating spoon or Sophie.
You love to eat Carrot Tomato & Apples.
I would say that Carrot Tomato is taking 1st place over the Apples.

You are teething/drooling like crazy right now.

You love to stand and act like you can walk. I don't think you will be crawling for very long when you do... or IF you do start to crawl. I think you will love walking better.
You already can communicate! My type of girl!

You sign "All done!"

You say:
"Incon" (lincoln)
"hi" (my favorite.)

I can already see your SPIRIT. 
You are tender and sweet & you trust a handful of people. 
I love how you touch my face & how you love your Uncle James. 

I love you, Livia MaeLyn!

Well, NOW I will now go upstairs and check on you because of how much I miss you. 


  1. Beka she is adorable!! my daughter who is now 10 and about to move on to the upper level, was once deathly afraid of public restroms too :(


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