New Season. Part 1. GUEST POST-Lauren

Hey Friends! I have had something on my heart for a couple weeks now, & today is the day you get to read from someones heart. I've asked a couple people to do a GUEST POST at my blog on the SEASON's they are in..... ALL different.... ALL from the heart. :) Here is LAUREN. Who is from my other home COUNTRY...... So, As you read this... please read it with an Australian accent. :) As every waitress says... "Enjoy!" **********

Hey! I’m Lauren, I blog over at Living Loved. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and my little blog features photos, recipes, God stuff and happenings around my city. Beka asked me to share with her readers about the season I’m in at the moment and I’m honoured to do so!
It’s tough sometimes to contemplate the season that you’re in, because it requires a looking inward and really examining our own hearts. When I was asked to guest post I hesitated to write it because I knew I’d have to spend some quality time identifying where my heart was at!
Photo by Faith Thiang
This season of my life could be defined by three words Hope, Renewal and Love. At the moment, God's teaching me what it is to be His daughter and I am opening myself up to the love He has for me, more than I ever have before. I thought I knew God's love, and perhaps I understood His love in my head (as much as one can understand it!), but at the moment He's really teaching me that it has absolutely no limit. I went so long believing that the love I knew the Lord had for his children applied to everyone but me... I was putting limits on the maker of Heaven and Earth! This has been particularly relevant to my struggle with depression and the moods I find myself in sometimes. I believe that through this time God will give me the strength to work at overcoming the hard times, to live abundantly.
The most challenging part about this season is being vulnerable. I have to make an effort to open myself up and let my knowledge of Jesus overwhelm my insecurities and doubt. I also have to trust and hope in Him no matter what the world tells me, acknowledging that God knows me most intimately. While it's hard, I know I'm going to grow from this season. I also know that by being vulnerable I will come to have a closer relationship with Christ. I know I serve a true and just God who only wants the best for me, I just have to have faith!
To finish I want to say a big THANK YOU to the blogging world of Christian woman (especially Beka!) you're an incredible inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your trials and triumphs with me through your posts, you've encouraged and convicted me more than you know and I feel privileged that perhaps I can do the same for others. 


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