My picks for YOU to read.

When I was in Master's Commission KC I had t-i-m-e to read. Yes. TIME. Something a mommy has very little of. Or.... so.... one would think. 

Lately, I've been turning off the TV, turning my iPhone on silent, & while the kids are sleeping.... i read. 

It's been a VERY, VERRRRRRRRY refreshing time that I have come to enjoy and MISS when I miss it. (like today. a day at the church/office) 

I wanted to share with you the books that I......adore.!
yes, adore. 
I know some of you have written about how you want to READ more. 

here you go!
"Choosing to See"
MaryBeth Chapman

(sorry for blur)

You can get it HERE.
i cried.
i wept.
i sobbed.
i laughed.
i sobbed.
i wept.
i cried.

*WARNING* Be prepared to weep & find a deep love and appreciation for Stephen Curtis Chapman's newest music.* & enjoying his old again! :)


Yes. I still don't know how to pronounce this young girls name, but pronounced it "A-cane" the whole time throughout this short, but GOODIE! 

She makes my heart at ease at what heaven is going to be like.
only. love.

"Kisses from Katie."
I've bought 3 copies in 2 months. This is a MUST READ for any single, married, widow woman that is looking for something DEEPER with God.
A deeper understanding of our AMERICANized views and how selfish as humans we are.
& buy any copy you can get your hands on & give it to a friend as an EXTRA NEW YEAR's gift! :)

"Wait NO MORE!"

This book is REAL & beautifully written.
Adoption is something that Zach & I are taking a step towards for our family. 
1st Step. "PRAYER." We only want His timing!

Read this book to understand what WE, as CHRISTIANS, need to start standing up and doing in this time of need. 

#1. #1. OK. Other than the BIBLE!~ ;)
this BEAUTY.... is hidden. "JESUS CALLING" is a more POPULAR one, but this God Calling is SHORT & has a devotion for EVERY DAY! 
I buy one every time I see them. Serious. & pass them to a friend who needs it.


I've written about this one before, but this book is ROCKING MY WORLD about BALANCE & looking at ourselves in the right way. 

If you are looking for a "new you". GO. buy. this. book!

I think I will stop there for now. 

I have 4 more books that are waiting for me! I am like a KID IN A CANDY STORE at a book store.
I am finding this out more and more as I look towards....30. :) 

(i'm 25) 

Love to you & your family!


  1. Oh man....I love to read so much. And my list for 2012 is getting longer and longer. Bookstores are BAD for me. B.A.D. But of course you know this...being sisters and all. :)

  2. Ok. I just ordered Kisses from Katie. It's the second tie I've heard it mentioned in the last couple days! Thanks for sharing! x

  3. I am reading Kisses from Katie right now and I LOVE IT! I can not put it down. How selfish we are. My first read for 2012! I can't wait for what is in store for me next. Thanks for the other titles!


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