Let go. Let go. Repeat. & let go.

Today was exhausting.

Today I felt like a puddle.....

Do you have these days? I'm sure you do, since we are human.

The winter makes me FORCED to sit and think. To rethink and rethink about how I am doing this life.
Am I living to my full potential? Am I trusting God more and more? Am I fully depending on Him through these "unknown & waiting times".....

Am I being the best mom?

How am I treating my husband?
Do I worry more about my physical appearance than my spiritual appearance?

This life can be tough.... & pushing you to your limits.

It's who you truly put yourself around that matters.

Your family. Your friends. Your children.

I look around at the blessings around me & then... It happens....

Every trial, every burden, every anxiety....

It's melted away.
& I let Go.


  1. love this post - I notice the same thing, that it's so much easier not to worry when I focus on what the Lord has already given me!

  2. Oh my word....... cutest kids ever!:) I love you, Beka!

  3. Sigh, yes, I have those same thoughts and worries that run through my head.

    I love the pictures!


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