How about an APP party?

I am 10 away from 200 followers.
This has been a long time coming & I am so excited! 

When I reach 200, I want to do a giveaway! 

in other news, 

The ladies Tea Party is tonight at our church. 
It's a wonderful event for all the local churches to get together and have some worship & a guest speaker! :)

 I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite APP's right now!!!
(TEAM iphone!) 

Boom. diggity. It's the best app out there for the iPhone!

You can SEND in your pictures(super fast) from INSTAGRAM & they will be sent to you through your snail mail..... :) 
They are adorable little 3/3 inch prints. 


Focus on the Family and I are very close. I hold them dear to my heart & they have daily podcasts! 

You can go THERE online as well, but the app is a nice and easy way you can look up movies you are wanting to see. The reviews.... It's a great app for us mommy's!  There are some very horrible movies out there that we don't need our kids to see. 

Jesus Calling
A daily devotional that is just wonderful!

They knew what they were doing with this app, I wish the PINTEREST people would take note of the Etsy people. 

Blogger App.
I can blog RIGHT THERE. It's wonderful! Brilliant! I love it! So easy to keep in touch! 

#8 .
An easy running app! I love this one and it helps me remember how far I ran last or what time I need to get! LOVE IT! 

Ok, That's it for now! 

Hope you enjoy!

Off to nap while the kids nap!
I obey the DR's for toooooo long when he says as your leaving the hospital...
"Sleep when the baby sleeps!"


  1. Oh I will have to check out some these! Some I have found already :) you know what they say about great minds! ;)
    -Jessica m.


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