Few of my FAVORITE for FRI{day}.

Let's be honest.
okay. good.

Here are some of my newest favorite obsessions.

1. wooden cooking spoons.
I feel all wilderness like when stirring in my heated home, using my electric stove....

2. Instagram.
seriously. do you have an iPhone? iPod? USE INSTAGRAM! It's so much fun!
& since we are being honest....
I feel pretty when I edit with instagram! 

3. Liv's newest hat. Oh. my. ADORABLE!

This weather.
Being a winter girl.... This is a beautiful winter.
Cold, Bundling up, but no 30 FEET of snow.
I can't believe this is the weather in January!?
oh my.

5. My reads as of lately. :) 
*blog post will come in the next weeks*

6. This movie trailer.
So excited to see this. 
I don't care if Mr. "i can't act" is in it...
I'll go.

I'm a sucker for LOVE.

I love their story & that it is continuing.
SIGH* Jesus is good.

8.  Flylady.
nuff' said.

9. Not watching the Bachelor this season.
I watched it for 2 minutes....(SERIOUS)
I had to turn it off. HE.... annoyed me....bad.
:) Maybe I will jump in on the fun later, but I just can't. Not digging this guy! 

Alright friends. That's it for now. HAPPY FRIDAY! 


  1. I love how you are always changing your blog! Do you do it yourself?
    1. I love cooking with wooden spoons too!
    2. I heart instagram, it's my fav.
    3. She is so stinkin' cute, too much to handle!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. i want to see that movie too :)

    and I totally stopped watching the bachlor after the first one!


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