Inspiration. Part 3.

I love my Superman. 
Yes, OOOH Yes I do! 
We didn't "hit it off" like you see in the movies. 
I loved him.
The moment I heard his name.
Yep. His Name...
Zacharia David Fox. 

But he was oh so mean to me.
or so.. I was mean to him. ;)

God had a different plan.
Our LOVE story isn't what we thought it would be...
or how I planned.

But, it was God's. 
God wrote it out & made it into the best ending....

TO my dear single ladies in waiting...

Wait. Oh wait. & then wait.
Wait on God's timing...
His timing is KEY on a good foundation.
Take this time to prepare for your man.
Marriage is hard. 
It is not Roses & butterflies every day.
But it is a sacrifice of your flesh...
(I'm talking about the BUILDING years!) 
Zacharia, My Superman, is one patient man.
I thought I was a selfless person & didn't struggle with pride......
but then I got married....
had a baby....
Post Partum set in & every inch of my selfish flesh was being taken out. 

Zach came to my rescue through it all...
On the days I just cried and cried when he walked in the door...
he was so gentle with me. His words so kind.
He would hug me & say, "We will get through this!" 

I tear up thinking about that dark time in my life.
I truly believe God GAVE us marriage and HE designed it to be like this...
the way we look at our spouse is suppose to HELP us see how Christ views us. 
I am a mess.
Zach is strong.
When Zach is weak.
I step up to the occasion and help him!
SO that BOTH of us see how GOD would be...yet we only see a SMALL..TINY... portion of how Christ loves us!

During those dark days I suffered with Post partum..... all I could do was listen to Kari Jobe.
When I slept.... I slept with my Bible.... & listened to Kari sing...
"I know that you are for me.!" 

I pray that YOU, reading this right now... would know that the KING of KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS..... is for you! 
IN this moment... whatever it may be... God is beside you... with HIS arms around you saying...
YOU CAN GET THE VICTORY over this depression!
You can stand back up and walk with me!
Don't stop!
Don't quit!
I will help you up!
Let's go!

And at the end of this tunnel....
at the end of this darrrrrrrk time...dark season....

The Lord will say...


Your Prince will come when you least expect it.

Would you rather have your prince see you STARING out the WINDOW at him....waiting on his arrival and when he enters.... you are NOT READY... because all you have done is staring out the window?!

Would you prepare like Esther did before she met with the King.
She took TIME & more TIME to prepare for her future husband. 
& then
She was ready.

& think about the story of Esther....
The King was all ready for Esther....
It was HER that needed to get ready....... to prepare. :)

So. Prepare for your TIME. 
Prepare with HIM on your mind & on YOUR HEART!


  1. All I can say is yes yes YES!!! His timing is perfect in everything :)

  2. you're such an encourager!! :) so good. and i love that kari jobe song, too.

  3. You two are too sweet.

    and I love what you said about waiting at the window! WISDOM!

    and girl, I hear you. Never thought I was a particularly selfish person until I miarried and had kids... then I learned I"m the most selfish woman out there! God is refining me and HE has used marriage and kids in such a huge way to accomplish His work. Praise God He is not done with us yet!

    You are a fiery writer!


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