Christmas card /RING GIVEAWAY!!!!

Things you need to know about me.

I love mail. Snail mail is the best. It is very important to me to get my Christmas cards out! :)

So... Here I sit... Addressing 150 envelopes and tasting glue....

And... Hanging mine up on my garland!

Who's ready for a giveaway?

My favorite rings to wear around Christmas time!

Debella rings!!!
(pictures below)

To enter in this contest- all you have to do is

1) follow this blog!

2) tell me how long you've been reading this blog!

Want even better news? I have 3 rings to give away!

So- comment away folks! I don't care how many comments ya leave!

(horrible pictures by my phone. ) LOL!


  1. Miss B.

    I love your blog more each time I read it! I've been reading for about 2 months :)


  2. Ooooooh! I love giveaways!!! I don't know how long I've been reading your blog!!! Seems like a LONGGGG time.

    I should go tell my little bitty followers about your giveaway! :)

    xo. bug

  3. told my peeps to go check this out. :)
    woooooo. how fun.

    (and no, i'm not doing this as an EXTRA entry.)


  4. I love the rings. Brand new follower

  5. OH.MY.WORD. We got the same Christmas cards..........
    JUST KIDDING! AHAHAHAHAH! ;) Love your blog. Been 'following' you since your birth!

  6. Read your blog for a long time...just started following not too long ago though!!

  7. I can't remember how lOng I've been a follower!!! Before you were pregnant with miss Liv for sure! Such cute rings.... And I'm totally gonna go take all my cards off my fridge and hang them on a garland!!!! What a cute idea!!!!

  8. I have been following for a couple months now but really haven't had a chance to read anything until a couple of weeks ago but i'm loving what i'm reading! Cute Christmas Cards!

  9. Just started following I love looking at ur pictures!!!

  10. oooooh!!!!! i like those pictures of the rings!

  11. Love the blog and am a new reader....That blog header takes my breath away

  12. Chelsea Leigh Bluhm should be disqualified for commenting more than once....... Just saying. ;) technically I can't follow your blog because I have a tumblr blog.. But I read it religiously, does that still count? :) & I just might be an auntie to your precious children someday.. So I think I should be eligible.

  13. @Jules !!! HEY NOW! She said comment as many times as we want, missy!!!!!!!! :)

  14. I love reading your blog, and am trying to glean some creativity from you :) I've been following for about 2 months now :)

  15. I'm going to post again. Because you reminded me too! Also, got your card in the mail today (when I got back from a trip to see Family) It's so lovely, Thank you! xx


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