pinterest addicts.

Yes, It's true. My brilliant idea of introducing SUPERMAN to PINTEREST has paid off. 

I have wanted to do this to T's old crib. 

& Zach has done it. 
We have been in DESPERATE need of a new headboard. 
OK, I didn't really want one until I saw PINTERESTS!!!


*bed not made* wanted it to look really bad before I took the picture. :) * 


Now.... for the really cute photos. Tristan had to get out there and help his daddy. 

Let me tell you some things about having a son. 

Having a son has rocked my world.
He brings such JOY to this non adventourous soul of mine. 
He brings such new insight to myself.
He has brought to me LIFE.
That is the word that God gave me for 2009.
& then Tristan came.
He is LIFE and brings LIFE wherever he goes.
When I was pregnant with him I was prophesied over that I would find 
"restoration in worship."
I believe that is linked to Tristan.
whole heartedly!

so good looking. 

After I told him to "Smile for sissy" :D


  1. How creative!! Love it :) LOVE home projects!

  2. I love that, super cute..
    Im a new follower, check out my blog in return & enter my GIVEAWAY..


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