My inspiration. Part 1.

Do you have someone that brings such INSPIRATION to your soul? I sure do & I am going to blog about a couple of them.
* Please note*
If I don't blog about you-it's not b/c I don't find any inspiration in you! I believe we can ALL inspire each other. These are just a couple people that I want to *shout out*.

It should come as NO SURPRISE that the lady I am going to blog about is my younger sister, Libby.
She is full of life, spunk, Jesus, Love, & Inspiration. She has a realness about her that is rare. She loves Jesus with everything in her. She is passionate. She is fiery, but oh so sweet. She fly's by the seat of her pants, but loves to be organized. She is incredibly IN LOVE with her husband. She has a love for him that puts "THE NOTEBOOK" to shame. She is his RIGHT HAND gal & is completely strong enough to carry herself. She is my best friend & sister. She is not only an awesome wife, but an amazing mentor to me.

She is wise beyond her years. 
She is gorgeous. 
She can make me wet my pants with how funny she is. 
Although God Isaac has taken her away to Virginia. (i know God would never ask me to go thru that.) 
She will always be missed and loved. 

 She inspires me with her love for God. She inspires me to not only enjoy the BIG things, but to savor the small things. She is always happy, even though they are "college poor".....
 When her and my dad are around each other.... the whole room is laughing...

*Libby walks out in her skinny jeans*
Daddy looks at Libby and said with his SOUTHERN, ARKANSAS ACCENT.....
"ooooOooOooouuuuuuuuuo Libby... How did ya pour yourself in em' britches?"

 She is beautiful inside & out. She is full of inspiration!.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!


  1. Beautiful post about a beautiful girl! You sisters are both gorgeous!

    My sister is living in North Carolina now and it's so unfair to be far from your BEST FRIEND and favorite person!!!! But one day we'll all be hanging out together with Jesus, so it's all good... but here's to hoping you and me can live close to our sisters again someday on earth!!!


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