Livia is 6 months today.

I took some pictures of her today. Nothing fancy & due to the rain outside, we took them inside with my beautiful lighting/studio . . . . . . .(kiddin)

 Liv loves her mommy. She is seriously so sweet. Such a sweet little girl that I am blessed to call mine. She is a little thing. This shirt she is wearing is "6 months" & it tends to fall off her shoulders! Her hair is browner than Tristan's at this age.....(the lighting makes it look red in some of these pictures)
She has more hair than T did at this age too. OH! & I could talk all day about that Phillips CHIN & CHEEKS!!!! AHHHHH! BE STILL MY HEART! :)
 Liv is getting more hair in, which makes me speechless. Ok. Maybe I just scream & go out and buy adorable little hair clips, etc. . . . . . JUST WAITING!!! :)

6 months. Half a year. Woa.
Those were my thoughts this A.M. as I looked at my iphone's date. 

*Next thought*

Liv has taught me so much in 6 months. She has made me a better mommy. 
She brings out the good in people. 
The good in me. I love her. She is like her daddy. 
*end thought* 

Happy HALF Birthday, Livi-Love! 

Happy Wednesday, folks! 



  1. This post is so sweet!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl! God Bless!

  2. WOW! That went sooo fast... 6 months :) She is too cute for words!

  3. MaeLyn is such a cool middle name! So pretty! Happy 6 months in this world, Livia!

  4. SHe is just absolutely beautiful Becca!


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