Extra shot for MONDAY.

I've always called myself an "OPEN BOOK."  Sometimes, too open. Let's be honest. Our mouths are hard to control at times. It's just US being WOMEN... "WE have rights... we fought for our rights.... so we are going to use them."

Don't get me wrong. I am proud for being a woman... I am proud that we have rights... So put your BANNERS, SIGNS, & guns away... I am not about to BLAST women.

I am going to suggest we RETHINK how we talk. Something the LORD has been dealing me with is..."My opinion."

Twitter. Blogger. Facebook. Text. Bible Study Group. Church.

We can GIVE our opinion at any moment. Sometimes it's needed. Sometimes it's not.

I was lying in my bed the other night & Zach was next to me reading his book. I asked him what he was thinking about and he said, "Nothin."

 *It's how many good conversations get started. I really don't know why these convo's don't end up in the Love movies*

Moving on....
Zach then got the hint and said..."What are you thinking about?"

I said..."How I can talk too much... or say too much."

I'm sure he thought, "FINALLY! LAAAWWWRRDDYYY!"
*just kiddin. he is the sweetest man. never would he think that*

He said, "How So?"

I then began to pour my heart out like my vessel was broken. Floods of thoughts and words began to pour over that room & now I am going to ATTEMPT to share them with you.

....no... we are not the weaker sex. Because I think that what I am about to say can help the MEN folk' out too. I just want us to THINK about what we say before we SAY it. Yes..."Think before we speak."....."Think before we type.." ..."think before we text."
But I want to think about it differently... Why speak..? Is there a point to it? Will this bring life? Will this help the situation? Will this correct the person for the BETTER? Point them in the right direction? Or will this hinder them? I told Superman that I think Talking is selfish. (yes. i must have been very, very, very, very HYPED UP! ) If you think about talking.... it's all about how you tell a story.... how you feel... what you think.... what you know..... what you've heard..... what you've read.... It's for people to listen to you.... to hear your opinion... to hear your story... to hear your dream....to hear about the "blog you read" .......

Bottom line. I just told Zach that I want to be careful.... be MORE careful.... in what I say.... & what I do.

Tweeting. Will this help? Will this bring JOY? Or will this hurt? will this *offend*? (which I know you can't keep everyone happy.... not gonna attempt that  either..gets you into a MESS)

Facebook Status.... People abuse this. end vent.

The list could go on and on and on.....


I am reminded of Mary, Jesus' mother....


She didn't run around telling people she was carrying the SON OF GOD.... or that Jesus just walked on water at the age of 2..... or that Jesus spoke a different language at the age of 4. (hey..those things could have happened)
She wasn't a proud woman that wanted her VOICE TO BE HEARD.

She was quiet.... She was careful.... she was strong.

I'm not trying to SCARE* anyone off,  but the part in the PASSION that effects me THE MOST..... It shows Mary's strong spirit, but also that she was a woman...... a mother.......

It really takes so much to be a Mother these days.... to "defend" your child....or guide your children.....

We could ALL use some more MARY in this world.. . . . . .
ponder. let JESUS take care of our trials and "getting justice"

*please note* video from passion & very graphic.....*

She had every right to speak out, but yet she stayed strong & quiet....
Because she was about her Father's business. 

She let quietness & confidence be her strength. 

I want to do so with my words & mothering. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! God is dealing with me here and this extra confirmation that words are so powerful and can help or hurt, so thanks!

  2. I love your post. Such a good reminder. I totally relate about saying too much. Sometimes the social media outlets are filled with unfiltered thoughts that are spewed out. We tweet the first thought that pops into our mind and share it with the whole world without thinking if maybe it was just a thought we should have kept to ourselves. I want to be more like Mary for sure!

  3. So inspiring! And this is SO something that I need to work on! Too often words will come tumbling out of my mouth and it's only after they're spoken that I think about them and how I shouldn't have said them! It truly is a fruit of the spirit to have SELF CONTROL and think before we speak! Thank you for this post! It's such wisdom!!


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