Extra Shot for Monday.


It can come in any size/form. IT can come out of NO WHERE. It can be an every day thing. IT can be with 1 look at your favorite website. 

It isn't a pretty thing, but as humans........ we are going to deal with it.

My question to my blog ladies is... How do you handle discouragement?

I've been reading this new awesome book------> that will completely ROCK YOUR WORLD!

You can get a copy of the book I am reading.... for really cheap right here....

This book is definitely in my TOP FAVORITE BOOKS... of ALL TIME. It talks about the struggle in this life.... the struggle with weight, the struggle with the balance of family time + me time... the struggle with a job and family.............. EVERYTHING.

It is rocking my world..... & would you like to know something that this good little church girl just heard about?

Yes. I've grown up in church my whole life... & this verse just JUMPED out to me in the book....

Hebrews 12:11--

"No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening--- It's painful! But afterward there will be peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained In HIS WAY. "


That hit me like a herd of elephants.

My {heart} leaped within me.

God has really been calling me to GO DEEPER in Him. He has really called me to take the next step to not only just pray and read, but to...*gulp* FAST things.

I am starting my list of things I want to *work on* starting December 1st.
Yes, I'm getting a JUMP START on my NEW YEAR's Resolutions.

2012 is the year that I, Beka Fox, will become a runner.



Yes. You heard/read right...

It's going to be my outlet and my THINKING TIME..

The FOX DETOX is starting y'all!

What are you working on in your life? What are some things you can deal with discouragement?


  1. Thanks for following me back hun, I got your button up on my blog..Xo


  2. This post popped up on my feed just as I was closing up my computer and heading to bed... I'm so glad I clicked on it! Discouragement has been coming in lots of ways lately... hubby's job, our finances, our family time, even different things with my kids. I've been working really hard to focus UPWARD instead of INWARD and to have a time in prayer each day where I thank God for what's going RIGHT. But oh, it's so hard. Every day it's hard. I have so many resolutions and motivations, but the stress and burdens of life can drag me down so quickly. Thanks for this post. God knew what he was doing when He gave us the BODY and brothers and sisters in Christ. If anything, it helps to know someone else is going through the same (or similar) things.

    Lots of love, sister!!!!!! :) And thank you for your consistently HONEST, but UPBEAT way of writing your blog! You don't sugar coat your life, but you don't speak negatively either. You're a blessing.

  3. Sweetie i really enjoyed reading this blog this morning!! It seems as though Claire up there and I have been dealing with the same discouragements! My heart has been heavy of late and i know god has been drawing me closer to lay it all at his feet..not so easy but i am praying with mucho hope that god has a amazing plan through it all. You are a amazing beautiful woman of god and youll be a even greater RUNNER!:)


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