Thing that I am just not quite sure about.....

1. The case of missing baby lisa. Seriously. I tear up every time I see her picture. Only Jesus knows where this precious baby is... but tell me.... Do you think it's the mom and dad? or what is going on?
Have you heard the latest news about her failing the lie detector test?

2. ground turkey in chili.     gross.

3. Being fearful. Yes, I am a fearful person. I have been working on placing my strength in HIM. LORD- HELP ME! :)

4.  Mean emails.
Words are my love language. So. be. kind. :)

5. Not wearing socks on these cold days.......
Ew. I am not a fan. I love socks. Have I every said that before? LOL! Because i really do.
Even more than......... GASP* FLIP FLOPS!

That's it for now.... but I thought I would type up this random, but yet wonderful blog post.

Hope your day is filled with L-O-V-E.


Something I am sure about....

You will love my mommy's blog.

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