Extra Shot for Monday.

Being festive is something I love/live to do. So you can only imagine that THIS time of year is something I look forward to more so than any other time of year. I love the leaves on the ground. I love the crisp cool air. I love the colors. I extremely hate the bugs. boom.

Something to complain about, right? Yeah, I know... I'm working on it. !

Well, I would just like to point out that I love...winter. Yes, In Iowa it can really get depressing come February.

But let me tell you why I love winter.

Besides not having any bugs. *Praise Him!*
Holiday baking.
Family time.
Snow days.
SOCKS-colorful ones at that!
Cold nights under the blankets.
ELECTRIC blankets!
Hot Cocoa.
Ice Skating.
Family trips.
Oh. the list could go on and on.

Today I want to encourage you to not get the wintery blues.

There is always something good ahead. Don't get down in the dumps.

take delight in the small things this season. LIKE........

MY DAUGHTER rolling over and saying words like, Go, Mamma, HI, & WAVING!!!!!
*She is 5 months! She just started eating some BANANAS! :) (she loves them)

Hope your Monday is filled with this HOLIDAY JOY! I'm off to edit more and more pictures. :)

It will be so nice to have the slow season come. :)



  1. True friend! I was just thinking today how we are always ready for the next season that we( as in I) can miss the one I am in. Both literally and figuratively! =)

  2. I'm ready for the slow season too... yes, please :)

  3. oh you are so right, even in this winter season there is so much joy!


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