Tristan's 2nd Birthday Party!



What do you all need to have a great party?

a custom made shirt from HaddyGrace Designs! 

Best friends! 

The most awesome birthday cake! 

The cutest 2 year old there is!!!!
(remember... mom speaking!) 

The cutest BFF pair that could possibly enter into the world!

BOTH sporting HADDYGRACE! ;)

An adorable baby face!

1 of his favorite uncles! :)

Did I mention the awesome....yummy cake?

It was a wonderful day! Perfect weather. Perfect park! Perfect birthday party!

he had lots of presents! 

He was so happy.
no seriously
this picture CRACKS ME UP! :) 

Oh. Also. My 2nd family was there.
Meet the Bluhm Family! :)

My BFF Christy who is on the far right just had a baby girl-Violet! She has a blog! You need to check it out! 

Hope your LABOR DAY WEEKEND was filled with lots of LOVE & JOY! 

What did yours look like?

While you are thinking of that...

here are more pictures. ;)

Ok. I guess that's all for now!

How was your weekend? :)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! Had sooo much fun! Thanks for including us!!! :)


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