Photo Challenge-Photo WINNER!

Congrats to "She's Star-Crossed" on the PHOTO CHALLENGE!

"September is the best month ever!"

Email me @---> Bekafox9@gmail(dot)com :) for your HEADBAND!!!

Sponsor for this GIVEAWAY is Bethany at Merci Headbands. 

Here are some of her latest beauties. :)

Take a look at "Mrs. B's"  blog & photo------> HERE!

Now. Who is ready for the NEXT challenge? 

Challenge is: CORN. 

Here is my example of corn.

-Be nice. Go look around at the other friends that LINKED up!
- picture MUST have "corn" in it.
-Must be YOUR photo. (no stealing)
-Photo must be a rated G photo.
-GET CREATIVE (b/c I wasn't in this picture)
-Can have a dog holding corn, a baby chewing on sweet corn from last year, but just be SURE it has corn in it. ;)


My crew and I went and painted pumpkins today! If you haven't started your fall bucket list! It's not too late! GO GO GO!

Ok. Start linking up my ladies! :)


  1. Oh man. Fun!! :) Thank you.
    I'll email soon. The headbands are adorable.

  2. So cute!

    I wish I'd had more time to keep up with you're blog. Its been ages, but I've had fun reading some of your posts and checking out the pictures!

    Hope you and your family are well!

  3. I wish i was a photo girl!!!!! super fun and super cute headbands!!


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