My Fall List.

Remember this? 

Yes. It's on my fridge. 

Yes we have things MARKED OFF. I promised myself that I would NOT let my busy life get in the way of this fall. I've been pregnant for an eternity as it seems
for a really long time. 
I didn't want to MISS OUT on my 2 year olds life because I was too busy with my (almost) 5 month old. 

So... WE BRAVED all of this together! And let me tell you something....
No crying. No screaming. No CLINGY TO MAMMA. (okay. Liv kinda did, but she can't walk or crawl.... so she has a reason!)

It's been a beautiful FALL week & it's ONLY Tuesday!

Today we had a little MINI Shoot out in the front of our house. 
WOA. Our tree out front is just amazing. 
It's always the 1st to change colors in our town. 
Today wasn't so cold or buggy. :) 
So we were out and about.....
enjoying the weather

 Oh... the TASTE of Fall. :) 
 Tristan took a picture of Liv & I....

As you can see. He's talented. 
Liv got her 1st pair of SKINNY jeans.
I. about. died. when I saw them.

Aren't they beautiful?

Tristan is really starting to have a shy personality. 
Oh NO. Not with the people he is comfortable with or the people that ask him to do something & then he is too shy to do it...
COUGH* like me.
Here is his....
"I don't want to look at the camera....."

here is his 
I don't want to open my eyes..... for
 the camera

There is nothing quite like baby feet. 

I love the dirt on Tristan's & the freshness  of Liv's. 

Alright. There is your challenge. :) Start marking off your list! TONIGHT we are going to decorate pumpkins! 
YEP! It's that time!

Have you already been eating Apple CRISP!?
My mom has the best recipe.... & I might ATTEMPT to make it on my own.

*prayers welcome* 


  1. Your children are gorgeous! Just thought I'd say that!!

    Oh, Jordan & I are doing the list to... We have a couple checked off but have big plans for our Fall Break to get some work done! ;)

  2. Mmmm, I love fall!

    Those are beautiful pictures! I love that one of Tristan with his eyes closed because I can see that moment :) Peyton does the same sort of thing!


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