Modge Podge Thursday.

Today was one of those days.
Yesterday was one of those days where you are glad you made it through.
Tomorrow...looks super promising! :) 

I don't know about your family, but my family is absolutely crazy during Fall. Yes. DURING.

How? May you ask...?

*steps on box and TAPS the mic*

1. My sister Rachel is due on the 17th with baby boy Lincoln. :) 

2. My parents are out of town to KY for the National Quartet Convention!

3. Tristan is already having the winter blues. ;) *he dislikes socks.*

4. Having trouble finding WINTER clothes that FIT Livi-Love! :/ 

5. I turn the big 2*5* on Monday. ehhhh. hoping i don't break down and cry. ;) *dramatic, I know!*

6. Floyd:MC has officially finished their 1st week of the program. (tomorrow)  Phew. 

7. We are going THRIFTING for my Birthday in a near by city. SUPER excited about that! Hoping to score some BIG Deals. 

8. I think* I know what Zach is getting me for my BIG 25. :) & I don't mind it at all. SUPER excited! 

9. I am addicted to Pinterest. WHAT, KIDS? You want to take an extra long nap? SUUUUUURE! ;) While they are napping (like right now....) I am just aching to PIN!

Bunny Trail:

I seriously have never seen something so beautiful on the internet before. ever. Pinterest is one of those lovely things that help you dream. Help you LIVE outside of this day to day living. :) If you don't know what it is or don't have an account. let me know and I will send you an invite. 

Just leave me your email in a comment below. :D

10. Fall mini Sessions are coming up! 2 spots to fill yet. ;) LOVE this time of year...

Seriously... what a beautiful....... beautiful time of year. :) 

I am blessed to be so busy. :)

* steps off box & hands MIC to you now* ;)

Is Fall busy for you? What do you have going on?