Just in case....

you wanted to see the most beautiful baby girl. 

ok. you can agree with me now.
go ahead. :)

Happy Wednesday! ;)

UPDATE: Went to doctor this afternoon with Livia for her checkup/ blood results. 
She is going to need more BLOOD WORK DONE. :/ They found some cysts growing in the back of her head & behind her ears. Please be in prayer. Her white blood cell count came back okay, but her calcium is very high & we just might need to see a specialist...or have surgery to remove some to see what they are. 

Please be praying for her little 12 lbs body..... Please be praying for me as well. 

I hate when babies are sick. :( 


  1. Oh, I'm praying for little Liv! Praying that God will touch her little body and heal her completely! She's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Praying in agreement with Claire and I am sure you and your whole family for little Liv.
    She is a living doll!

  3. Such a precious picture! Poor baby girl! I hope she gets well soon! Will be praying!


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