It's my Birthday. {it's a long one}

I am 25. I mean, twenty-five. Not "officially" until 7ish tonight. Yes, I was the baby that took all day to come. :) My mommy's water broke at 7AM & I didn't make my BIG DEBUT until it was well past 7! :) I always come alive around the evenings anyway! I know the reason why I didn't want to leave was because I am a PARENTS girl. Yes, No Mommy's girl... or daddy's girl... just PARENTS. I wanted to be by them forever. ;) Which could be the reason why I live 3 blocks away from them. (they wouldn't let me live in their basement)

Anyway, 25 years. I know some of you are thinking... "I WISH I COULD BE 25 years old." Which is why I won't be saying I am OVER THE HILL... or WISHING I WAS 17 again! (which I will always be in my mind.)

So. Not in ANY order..(because if you know me at all... I'm not an orderly person)

25 years of Knowledge. 

Change is good. 

HAVING a daughter.... 
I finally understand how much my mom loves me.

Taking too many pictures of her is OK. :)

Zach is the best daddy.
 That I miss my sister, Libby so much some days I can't breathe.

 That sisters REALLY can be your best friends.
& with that...

YES. you CAN have more than 1 best friend.
 That motherhood is about the little moments.

That my dad is more than my dad, but my hero in life.  

That I really can love my home.

That my brother will always be my #1 Fan.

 That I can win my battle with depression, post part um, etc. :)
 That GOD has given me a friend STRAIGHT from Heaven. :)
 That it's okay that my son loves someone else. :)

Thinking Livia is the most beautiful girl  name. . . . ever.
 I actually like being pregnant. :)
Tristan isn't sure about other photographers taking his pictures. :)

 That a brother and sister bond could be SOOOOO close in the very first moments.
 That Tristan is being raised with my Best friends babies. :)
 Weddings are my favorite thing to photograph!
 That God brings restoration! :)

 THAT GOD can take a friendship at the public pool & make it into an eternal friendship.

 That I can't live life without my girl. Move home, please.
 That my sister Rachel is my rock. when she is mush. i don't know what to do.

That family really IS everything. :)

 That I am blessed beyond measure. I have a heritage that is deep.

That my daughter looks like my mom as a baby. WHICH I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!

 That Tristan is my JOY.
 That you can love your 2nd baby as much as your 1st. 

 That love is taught at a very young age.

That your Best Friends CAN live states away from you. That Forever Friendships are......well, Forever.
No matter if you don't talk in forever.

You know that God just put your sister in another accident.

That IT IS okay to be a photographer, too. 

That your sister is not only your bff, but your inspiration.  I am so blessed to have such amazing INSPIRATIONS around me.
 That it's not okay that your bff since childhood moves away. That when she moves away, part of YOU moves away too.

That God brings BFF's in your life...that mean more to you than words can express.

That me as a brunette throws everything off. 

That I don't really care.
 That the 5th cookie tastes just as good as the 1st.

The mentor in your life will always be your mentor. That she will always have a special place in your heart. No other person can steal that from you. We may all go into different seasons of our lives, but God knows how much we love each other.
He knows that our friendship is eternal. 
So he blesses it. 

That your wedding day isn't the only  BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE day...
it's just the start. 

That ZACH really is my Superman.

That my house doesn't have to be perfect. 

That best friends in high school can still be best friends in adulthood. ;)

That you can love your bff's baby like your own.

SERIOUSLY? Isn't she a DOLL!?

That I am blessed. 

beyond words. . . which is WHY I am trying to do this in pictures.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Love jess m.

  2. What a wonderful blog Beka ... loved it! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Straight from your heart, and it's lovely! You inspire me to count my blessings... because it's clear that you do DAILY! You are a blessing of a sister in Christ! Happy Birthday, Beka!

  4. Beautiful beyond words!! I giggled and cried at the same time!!!

    Love you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love your pictures, there is so much life to them. They are so special!

    I hope your day was very blessed and lovely :)

  6. AWWWWWWW! I loved this and wanted to burst into tears reading it. :)
    Thanks for sharing and for letting your son love me:) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! and I'm blessed to have you in my life. HOPE IT WAS THE BEST DAY!! Love you


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