In every season.

The puppies are growing. 
We have sold 2 so far. 
A couple more people coming to look at them.

Tristan loves them and thinks they are all his forever and ever. :)

They are all so playful and have such a good spirit! 

Livia is doing great! Happy, HAPPY, HAPPY & growing. 

Our next step is to go to Rochester to get a 2nd opinion. 
They want to take the cyst off, but before we do that my parents want us to go up there just to get another doctor's opinion. 
I am not for putting her under for surgery at this time. 
She is far too little for that in my small opinion. 

I love her so. 
She is such a treasure! 

I know that God will take care of her. 
I know that it isn't anything too scary for God. 

I know that GOD is in control and SOVEREIGN no matter what happens. 

Today I have such great FAITH about it all. 
Tomorrow could be different...
BUT- I know that I am in GOd's hands... 
& so is Liv. 

Tristan loves his baby sister. He is such a good big brother. 
He is always so good to her. 

Speaking to the parents just for a second...

ever have those days where.... 
they. are. trying. 

just a trying day. 

Well, since Tristan has turned 2.
He has been EXPLORING a little more.
He's gone across the street now.
2 x. 

Once with his BFF Hadassah as well. 

It's in those moments where your heart goes into your stomach and you know you will throw up before getting there. 

Yep.  That day was yesterday.

But today is a new day. 
A fresh start.
You can choose how you want to respond to any email! 
Any comment.
Any text. 
Any way of communication.

I am remembering this through this time.

IN every Season, You're STILL GOD.

Floyd MC has started. We have an awesome team this year. Just an incredible bunch that genuinely all want to be here. 

Hope your Wednesday is lovely! 


God Bless!


  1. that first picture? cutest thing i have ever seen. thank you.

    love, rach.

  2. Keep trusting God, momma for little Liv, and remember that God has given you & Z wisdom on how to raise her and what decisions to make for her, so trust that.

    Mmmm those puppies sure are cuties! I bet Tristan is IN LOVE! I can't imagine how much Peyton would love those sweeties :)

  3. Love your honesty coupled with faith. from one mama to another, prayers being sent your way!


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