I. am. busy.

Have you ever had such a busy week planned & then more things get piled on top of it?
me too.
I have to remember that it's all God's timing.
God is not a God of Chaos.
but order.

I have to remember that HIS timing is perfect!

Pray for me as I enter this week.
I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

On another note,
I am so in love with this man.
He is so talented. 
He just finished our kitchen painting.

& he refurbished our kitchen chairs.

Aren't they adorable!?

The most exciting news from this past weekend is my sister RACHEL had her baby boy!
I am an auntie AGAIN!

She is a rockstar! I am so proud of her!!! :) 

She did it with no meds & pushed out a 10 lb baby!! 
She deserves an award! 

Alright. Off to finish my e-session editing & checking off my lists. 

please do!