Happy Birthday, Tristan Micaiah Fox!

My Tristan is 2 today.

It seems just like yesterday Zach and I were bringing Tristan home from the hospital with his adorable little BLUE  "FOX" hat. 

It seems like yesterday that I was laying on the bathroom floor wondering when this baby was going to come..... so I wouldn't have to be throwing up anymore.

It seems like yesterday when I looked at him for the first time and yelled out loud, "He looks just like my BROTHER!" 

It seems just like yesterday I was crying when you would cry. 

It seems just like yesterday that I would cry and complain that I needed sleep, but then got so worried about you when you would sleep for 30 minutes... or longer. 

It seems like yesterday that you were up every 2 hours 30 minutes wanting to eat.

It seems like yesterday that at 3 months you were teething & I knew you were going to have teeth by 4 months of age.....(nope. exactly 1 year of age.. your 1st tooth came thru) 

It seems like yesterday that the only way you were happy is when you were your swing.

It seems like yesterday that you only ate cheese.

It seems like yesterday that you learned "peek-a-boo". 

It seems like yesterday you turned 1 & you had pizza for the first time. ;) 
It seems like yesterday that your hair started to get curl...& my heart BURST FORTH WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!
 & so did your Grandma Nae-Nae's! 

It seems like yesterday that you did your "stanky" leg crawl.
(never crawled normal) 
Tristan doesn't do normal. ;)

It seems like yesterday that we announced our 2nd pregnancy at your 1st BIRTHDAY Party! :)

...you weren't too sure about it. 

it seems like yesterday that you stopped calling your dad "daddy" & now call him

It seems like yesterday that BUBBLES & suds OVERTOOK OUR LIVES.
oh wait. still living in this one.....

Today you squeal when you see your favorite cousin-EASTON!
(can't be your favorite for long! #2 cousin is on his way----ANY DAY!) 

Today you play outside more than inside.

Today you are the sweetest little boy I know.

Today you still look like my brother, JP! ;)

Today you are still my favorite son. ;)

Today you are still the cutest curly headed boy I know.

Today you are 2. 

Today you are growing up to be the man of God that He has called you to be. 

Today you are growing roots for your future.

Today you are building character to lead your wife one day.

Today you are learning from 1 of the best daddy's around on HOW TO LEAD a family to the cross.
How to lead a family in LOVE. HOW to lead......

Today you are the movie loving, blanket carrying, toy playing, dog loving, Hadassah hoarding, Basketball shooting, Easton wrestling, cheese loving, balloon holding, "fastest" runner, bestestttttttttt son a Mamma could ask for.

Today you are 2. 

Today I will cry.

Today I will hold you in my arms & sing Happy Birthday. 

Today I will tell you I love you.

Today 40+ PEOPLE  will join us in celebrating your Birthday.


Because you are LOVED.

Happy Birthday our JOYFUL boy. 

We could not have asked for a more perfect son.
Thank you for bringing LIFE to my world. 

your mommy.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I am sobbing!!!

  2. CRYING! awh! Happy Birthday T-Bug!! Beautiful! So proud of you guys! And T-Bug!

  3. Aw, Beka, that post could not be more beautiful. {Said while having tears in my eyes}
    Happy Birthday Tristan!!!!!

  4. Aw, crying here, so sweet... Growth is just so bittersweet :)


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