The Farm.

I didn't necessarily spend as much time at the FARM house as my older siblings did, but there was always something so special about going out to "Aunt Lois' house" or "THE FARM!" 

-You could run around all day and not have a care in the world. 
-You could play in 1 of the 3 play houses. . . or climb into the tree house that was never finished...
-You could pet all the farm cats and the 12 new kittens.
-I would pet the doggie LADY and brush and brush her. 
-You could eat the Tostino's pizza all by yourself. Aunt Lois would let you do that.... & then let you eat your face full of ice cream cones. 
-Aunt Lois would let you sort mail with her old mail carrier box. 
-You could go in the upstairs bathroom and count 100s of rolls of Toilet Paper.
-You could paint, color, ANYTHING you wanted.... on WHATEVER YOU WANTED.... 
play room walls, chairs, etc. 
-I would "Water the plants" and Grandma would mop behind me. 
-I would slide down the wood shoot into the basement. 
(i wouldn't go in that basement at all right now. scary then. scary now.) 
-You could hide things in the OLD tree trunk and think it was a secret spot only YOU knew about.....
later realizing every cousin had their special toy in there too. 
-It's the place where we had to bring snowball, snowflake, midnight, daisy, & Buttercup to since my sister's and brother were allergic to the them. (cats.....we got them from her...)
*Aunt Lois may or may not have snuck 2 cats for Libby and I into our garage*

The Farm was freedom. It was paradise to us kids.

I was driving around running errands the other day when I thought about THE FARM. I instantly turned around to go take a peek at what once was my paradise. I was brought to tears to think of how it just sits there now. How it's old, rusty, house is caving in, shed is blocked by a number of old cars, garage is half gone. I looked at the yard that I once ran in and chased Lady in & swam in our little pool..... It now had grass over 5 feet.... You couldn't even see the steps to the house.  

I closed my eyes and cried as my JOY(t) & treasure(liv) were napping in the backseat. 

I cried. and cried. 


I began to hear my Aunt Lois' voice screaming, "lllaaaaaaddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeee-EEEEEEE E E E E E E. HERE LADY LADY LADY" 
I heard my Grandma's  laugh. 
I saw my Grandma's walk/waddle into her kitchen to do her dishes. 
I saw my Grandpa hugging my Grandma. 
I saw Aunt Lois painting stars and the moon on our ceiling! 
I could SMELL my 1st taste of COFFEE (age 7...i think!) 
I could hear the TV playing the ANIMAL OLYMPICS... or RESCUERS DOWN UNDER.... or LADY AND THE TRAMP.
I realized then and there..... that we really cannot hold onto things of this world. That earthly possessions are just that.... possessions. 

That 1 day... they will no longer matter. They will be gone. We will be gone. 
I sat in my car and I saw & heard what TRULY matters.

Time & Family.

& I heard God whisper in my heart this question.....

What are you doing with your time TODAY to make a difference in your family TOMORROW? 


  1. Oh that is the sweetest memory, Beka! I love it and I am challenged by your quote at the end... so important to make our Families #1 in our lives!!

  2. GREAT question, beautiful picture and beautiful post. I hope I am modeling to the best of my ability the importance of Jesus, seeking and serving him. xoxoxxo

  3. Before you were even born, I was the little girl at your grandma's kitchen table. I remember the table and the design in the laminate, the woodpecker toothpick dispenser and your Grandma's laugh and how she sang. The house is just an old tattered memory box now, but the memories and the encouragement last forever.


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