Pregnant-freak returns.

No. It's not me. :) Silly people. ;)

it's VIXEN!

We will be having GOLDENDOODLES IN THE FALL!!!!


If you have never seen Golden BEAUTIES! You need to google them right now.


scroll down.

Besides the Golden Retriever.... ;) they are the best dog. EVER!

Remember Prince Eric? :)

Here he is at 2 weeks old.

And about 6 weeks old :)

AHHHHH! I love puppies! I am so excited! 


  1. we would totally take one if we could, just travel too much. I had a Golden Retriever when I was growing up, they are the best!!

  2. They are such cute dogs! We will be getting a new dog soon (our current dog, Maggie, has cancer. Boo!)

  3. FUN!!! :) I loveeee it. Joshy wants a goldendoodle someday. TOO FUN!


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