My Wedding day: 3 YEARS!

August 9, 2008.

Celebrating 3 years. 
3. years.

The day was perfect.
Some of my 1 bridesmaids and I stayed in a B&B in the neighboring town & got ready all together in the morning. 
It was magical. 
I won't go into FULL detail, but little details will just have to do. ;)

I can remember sleeping in a KING SIZED bed that night & waking up early to watch the Olympics.
(love the Olympics) 
I wasn't nervous, just anxious. 
Anxious to become Mrs. Fox.
It was drizzling outside when we were heading to the church.
I didn't care.
I knew that this was my day no matter what cloud would come in my way.

 I took 5 of my bridesmaids with me to pick out their dresses. 
those 5 picked out that same dress.
They all liked it & they even picked the color! 

I was a very easy-going bride.

I can remember wondering how Zach was feeling.
Was he nervous?

He makes my heart flutter & my eyes water in this photo.

Many of my single friends ask me
"How did you know that Zach was the one?"
MY reply is simple
"He is my match. The one I have been waiting to give my YES to."

But since this is my blog....

I'll give the long version

"He loves me with an everlasting love. He isn't just my best friend, but my soul mate. He makes me want to be a better person. He corrects me when I am wrong. He doesn't give me the easy road. He challenges me in my walk with God every day. He is my Superman. He is my #1 encourager. He brings me laughter and peace at the very same time. He is a fusion of happiness & ALL THAT IS MAN in a bottle. He lacks the things I strive in & is the strength in the things I am weakest. He leads me to the Cross. He is mine. 

Our first meeting was so peaceful.
I can remember thinking...
Just let me see him.
I can remember him so happy. 
he was smiling so much. 
Loving Zach is simple & so easy to do. 

He is one of the strongest men I know. What he has come out of and where he is going is beyond my understanding.

Mr. & Mrs. Fox. 
I have wanted that last name for a very long time.
I asked a boy I knew in high school if I could marry him just for his last name.
(which was FOX) 
God delights in the small things. ;) 

I wrote and Surprised Zach with a song I sang to him.

I practiced and practiced my STRONG FACE, so I could get through it without SOBBING LIKE A BABY!

I did it.
no tears.
no sobs.

We had our best friends/mentors/ETERNAL FRIENDS perform the ceremony.

Reason why this next picture is the way it is. ;)

 Having Dave and Julia perform the ceremony is one of my favorite parts.
I lived with them my 3rd year in Master's Commission.
Julia is my best friend.
Always will be.
I can remember when she spoke...she spoke a lot to Zach
"Beka is a gift. you are getting a gift!"

That is how I think of her friendship.
A gift to me.
We may not get to talk all the time or see each other every day, but we know our place with one another.
Best Friends-Eternal Friendships ALWAYS.
Julia has a special place in my heart.

I can remember feeling so READY to start this life with Zach as we were walking into the Reception. 
I didn't feel any different, just READY. 
Ready for what God had for us. 

I hate when Hollywood says
"I was so happy."

I feel like they OVERUSE the word too much and make it not worth anything.

So I will not use the word HAPPY.

The word I will use for this time is....

Simply loving.

In other words.
I was at ease.

I have such a great groups of Best friends.
Every single girl in this picture was with me in a very special season of my life.
I could add a couple more people in this picture & I wish I would have....
now looking at this picture. I see a couple of my friends' faces missing.
I am so blessed.

 I get the question "DID YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED with that many girls in your wedding?"
I didn't feel overwhelmed at all. I felt blessed. loved. cherished. excited. & LOVED ! ;)

We had very important little people in our wedding.

Blessed beyond words.

 Blessed to have my daddy walk me down the aisle just 2 months after his kidney transplant. 

I was blessed enough to have a brother be selfless and give my daddy his kidney.

So he could continue to live & see all 4 of his children get married & see 2 grandsons & 2 granddaughter born.(grandson #3 is due in September! My oldest sister RACHEL-left of me- is expecting!)

I can just remember being so content with this day.
I don't remember anything bad or unsuspected  happening that day. 
Everyone was so nice. so excited.  to see us get married.

I am blessed beyond measure.

I cannot believe it has been 3 years. We have 2 beautiful, healthy children, a home, dogs, a wonderful home church, a mighty GOD, & a beautiful future. 

I can't believe how time is flying. 3 years. 3 beautiful short years. :)
I really do love having him right beside me on this road in life.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It was such a beautiful wedding! Loved it:) You both are incredible and love watching your marriage bloom more and more! Just to throw this in there, the pregnant bridesmaid got cut out of the group photo.. I was too large;)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow, this post is beautiful, both words and pictures. I am so happy for both of you!
    The picture of the two of you in the field = gorgeous!

  3. I love it! What a beautiful love story, beautiful pictures and beautiful bride! God is so a romantic God. yay!

  4. Loved this. So sweet :) Happy Anniversary!

  5. Your wedding photos are fabulous! I can just tell the way your husband looks at you that he is totally and completely in love. You looked lovely!

  6. BEKA! I cried all over again. I sobbed at your wedding.. and I cried reading this! AHHH!

    I LOVE YOU AND ZACH:) and tristan.. and baby liv!

    You all make my heart so happy.

    the end. :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Happy Anniversary... I love the story, the photos and mostly where you've been together as a couple and where God is leading you. Babies, everything. It's so exciting!! BLESSINGS!

  8. So beautiful! Happy Anniversary (a little late :) You two are beautiful and the pictures from your wedding are breathtaking! Looks like it was an amazing day :) We got married only a few months before you... February of the same year! God is so good to grant the desires of our hearts and to make even beyond our wildest dreams come true!


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