My Marmee.

Hit play.
Turn up Music.

I didn't get to do a BIRTHDAY post for my Marmee. 

I have been blessed with a Godly mom. 
A loving mom.
a genuine mom.
a funny mom.
a witty mom.
a beautiful mom.

I am blessed to have her.
She is talented at many things.
WRITING. Singing.
Teaching. Loving.
She has some books published. :)

1 of her stories just was published in this book. 

I have a beautiful heritage. 
My Grandma B is beautiful beyond words.
So here are some pictures....

My mom didn't have the childhood that I have had. 
But that hasn't stopped her from loving whole heartedly.
forgiving everyday.
being a good Grandma to my kids.

She could have used all the excuses in the world.

But still she chooses to BRING LIFE.
in her relationships.
in her marriage. 
in her church. 
in her family.
in her words.
in her music.
in her heart.

The song you are suppose to be listening to was written by Whitney Houston for her MAMMA. 

Just pretend I am singing right now....

I love you, Marmee. 
I hope to be a momma like you.
I have always loved your skin and hair, but most of all I love your heart. 
You are beautiful! 


  1. What a sweet and beautiful post. A lovely sentiment to a wonderful woman. :)

  2. Beka Boo, thank you for the beautiful blog. It's the best birthday present EVER. Love you much, MARMEE...


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