I hate to say Goodbye... but it's time.

Dear Love Handles & Flabby belly,

It is time for you to be GONE from this body. I cannot live with you anymore. You are mean to my favorite pair of jeans. You hog my sweatshirt. You make my yoga pants look like CAPRI'S. There is no need for you... I don't plan on getting stranded on a deserted island that I will need "Extra" fat to survive.

So. Please. Pack up your friends from inner thigh flab and take your precious under arm fat and leave.

No more.


P.S. I would appreciate it if on the way out you would grab some fat from the left and right side of my face too.
ok . bye. be gone now.

The Fox DETOX has started.... as of yesterday.
I am on Day 2.
I am CLEANSING my body and house. :) So... Come back to see what are doing! :)


  1. Your title scared me for a second… I’ve only just started reading your blog!

    Have you ever done a cleanse before? I haven’t and I’d like to know what your experience is! Does it go along with Jillian’s workout?

    Good luck, can’t wait to read about your progress :)

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! :) :) Can't wait to hear!

  3. oh she is crazy lady! How are you doing? Are you surviving????


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