An extra shot for Monday.

Today is a BIG day for my family. Lighthouse Academy starts. No. I don't have any kids in the school, but my husband and I are a BIG part of the Christian school. He has 3 brothers attending this year. I love this time of year & I do miss it at times. I miss school shopping. I miss getting all the new pencils. (I love writing with pencils)

I always think back to my high school days. I loved them. Yes, I had my fights with friends. I had my issues with relationships, but my Christian school was a safe place to heal, to feel restored.... I knew all my teacher's were praying for me. My high school teacher Mrs. Troyer.... by far the most loving teacher. She is a genius & I honestly.... I didn't like school very much for the WORK aspect. I loved it for the SOCIAL ASPECT. I got to see all my closest friends...


Mrs. Troyer is so smart. She comes from a BRILLIANT family!!! She would sit at her table "doodling" or working out math problems that only she is smart enough to figure out. She loves cross word puzzles like they are candy.

But most of all.... Mrs. Troyer is a worshipper. She doesn't consider herself to be a "singer"....She actually talks about how tone deaf she is. But to me... I didn't hear her singing off key. I saw her spirit of WORSHIP. I saw what was underneath all that genius.

I got to thinking ..... *DANGEROUS*

* What do people see when I worship?
Do they see Jesus shining through?
or myself?

GO about your work day as if Jesus were there beside you.
Clean the house like He is watching over you. :)

He is nearer than we think!