The Ending.

Aren't Sisters a beautiful thing? 

I love mine so much. 

I am truly blessed.

It was my Marmee's Birthday on the 9th!
(i married on her birthday!) 
Random fact about me:
#9 is my favorite number.

We all went to the Tea House for my mommy's birthday!

Liv is gorgeous. 
So gorgeous.

4 Generations of women that LOVE their King. :)

My Summer is coming to an end.

Libby leaves to go back to VA on Sunday.
Master's starts up soon.
Along with L.A. school! :) 


  1. what a lovely post! I think it is so neat that you guys had a tea party! The last picture of the four of you is priceless!

  2. I always wanted a sister :) That is awesome that you have sisters!

  3. What a sweet family! I hope my grandparents can see the 4th generation too!

  4. beautiful women, beautiful words and beautiful pictures!


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