My Mamma Sparkles.

Rarely do I ever blog on a Saturday.
But this is no ordinary Saturday, my friends.
It is a Saturday that has taken me BY STORM.

T man is sick. 
He is never sick.
So this is not fun. Flu bug.

But before the flu bug JUMPED on us...

We went to watch "Ganny" sign her books for people! :) 

You see....
My mom is a published author.

She's a PRETTY BIG DEAL in our family.
We are so proud of her.
She is an AWESOME writer.
check her out. 

Tristan wanted to go see "Ganny" or "Gamma" :) 

 I am TRYING WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BEING   only if Tristan wants to...whatever.... ya know... WHERE A HAT... BE A HAT KID! :) 
 SO I bought him this basketball hat. Because that is what he is obsessed with. RIGHT after Balloons & Bubbles that is. :) 
It goes like this.
Basketballs. :)
 Here's my marmee with all 3 of her grandkids. 

(as you can see we successfully kept the hat on for 3... I REPEAT 3 pictures) 

 Livia with her TWIN. :)
I've always wanted my daughter to look like my mom. :)

Paper Mamma

is having her LINK UP PHOTO contest. 

I am joining in on the fun.
The CHALLENGE is "Sparkle"
So here is my example of SPARKLE.


Tristan was waiting for the fountain to squirt him. :) 
he says, "I get my hair wet" :) 

if you want to purchase any of my mom's books.
go write on her blog OR
email her at
(yes. that's a mouth full. i know) 


  1. Love the photo for The Paper Mama! Your son is too cute. :)

  2. Such beautiful photos!! Looks like the perfect summer time fun!

  3. Tristan is SO cute!!! Very cute pic!

  4. Oh I love that sparkle picture! The stars are cute!!


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