My favorite Etsy SHOPS:HaddyGrace Designs!

Meet my friend-RUTHANN. 

Name: RuthAnn Zimmerman,
age: 31
Etsy Shop name: HaddyGrace Designs

How did you
Get started in Etsy...  After much encouragement from my husband a friends to turn my hobby of sewing for my daughters in to a profit turning business!

My favorite thing to search for in Etsy: Shops similar to mine! I like to see their business, I like to see what I can learn about marketing my products from other shops! I especially like the shops of other SAHM's. And I like to hang arouns the forums and meet great people there!!

Jeans or Skirt:::::  Right now??? I am in a  dress because of the 90degree weather, but when the weather cools down, a favorite pair of jeans is like coming home!!!!

Favorite outdoor activity: this is a hard one as I like almost EVERYTHING outdoors! Gardening, kayaking, bonfires, swimming, Yes... yes the list would be tooo long but what I really want to do, and haven't done since baby # 3 &4, is take a long leisurely Sunday afternoon Kayaking down the river with my favorite outdoor Buddy, My husband!!  :)

The favorite thing in my Etsy Shop right now??  The Lavander and Peapod Pillowcase dress!!  Because Purple is my FAVORITE color!!!

5 words to describe my fashion sense!!!  Functional, earthy, (altho I love bright colors I rarely wear them.) uncomplicated, easy! This might change when my babies are grown and I have more time and Money to spend on myself!!  :)
3 words to describe my personality:  Extrovert, impulsive, (altho my husband is teaching me to be more thoughtful about decisions! ) Friendly.
what inspires me??  Beautiful babies are the inspiration behind almost everything in my Etsy Shop! inspiration for daily living comes from the Bible and GREAT Christian friends!
Favorite scripture: Right now, Proverbs 31:10-31,
why? because as a WAHM of 4 ranging in age from 1-10 I find myself often discouraged with the daily Grind of being everyones 'one-and-only', I rebell against not having any privacy or peace and quiet! But reading this scripture always inspires me and shows me that it's the secular world view that makes me want to focus on everything selfish!!!