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Karen Davis, blogger for, "Celebrate Life"

29... 30 is next year, and I'm ready for it! 

Etsy Shop Name:
 k. davis creates   ... I know, it's not too creative, but it's who I am, and what I do! 

How you got started in Etsy?
I've always enjoyed creating (sewing, crafting, photography), and once I was introduced to the "handmade community" it ALL began. I just knew, immediately, that I needed to "set up shop" and to see where it would lead me. 

Your FAVORITE thing to search for in Etsy?
 Being that my #1 passion is photography, I LOVE looking for old vintage cameras... however, I also love screen printed items, but tend to purchase most of my packaging materials for my shop on Etsy (baker's twine, Japanese washi tape, etc.) 

Jeans or Skirt?
Skirts ALL THE WAY! This girl likes to be as "free" as possible... 

Favorite Color?
Apple Green.. but mustard yellow comes in close second.

Favorite Outdoor Activity? 
I used to LOVE riding my bike to the market, when I lived in Germany... now I just enjoy strolling around the alleyways/streets in Korea during market days.

Your favorite piece from your store as of RIGHT NOW?
I'm in love with my: Up and Away Journal- Aqua with Crocheted Lace ( I love the idea of a reusable journal cover... I go through MEAD composition constantly, whether it to be for journaling, to-do lists, or just sketching ideas out, and I love having a different unique look other than the generic marble cover. It also protects the cover, and prevents the notebook from getting too "beat up"/worn over time.

5 words to describe your fashion sense:

1. simple
2. classic
3. whimsical at times
4. fresh
5. comfortable

3 words to describe your personality: 

1. Positive/Refreshing 
2. Kindred Spirit
3. Sarcastic

What makes you feel inspired?
My surroundings 100% .  I take in the views wherever I am... whether I'm here in Korea (the rice paddy fields, people, city life, architecture,etc.) or whether it's the people I spend time with... I constantly challenge myself to think "outside of the box" and create on a daily, if not weekly basis.  I love color, and just indulge in anything that "pops" out at me! 

Favorite Scripture: Hands down, Jeremiah 29:11: " For I know the plans I have for you, " declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

 I cling to this scripture, nearly everyday. Speaks to me in so many ways: throughout the many changes that are constantly around me (as a US Air Force military spouse, change is inevitable), throughout this whole adoption process (now post-adoption times), when missing my family, throughout the challenging times of living overseas (I've been overseas for over 5 years now)... etc. 

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