My favorite Etsy Shop.{part 2}

Your name: Melis

Age: 28

Favorite COLOR: Pink and purple....I'm a total girlie-girl

Favorite FOOD: Um....I love to eat everything lol.  If I had to pick, I would go with cupcakes or pizza.  So healthy, right;)

How did you get involved with Etsy? I started making headbands just for fun while I was an accessory buyer at a boutique.  When the boutique closed it was the perfect opportunity to get serious about the idea that my hobby could be an actual business so I started my etsy site.

What is your favorite thing to look for on Etsy?  I love everything that I find on etsy!  I can find things to decorate my condo with, amazing jewelry, or yummy treats.  It can definitely be a little dangerous for my wallet;)

What is your favorite SHOP on Etsy? (other than your own of course) Omg there are so many!  I adore The Caramel Jar!  She makes the most amazing caramels!!  I also just discovered the lucky elephant, which has the cutest bracelets, AND yellow heart art which has some adorable prints!

What is your favorite piece to create?  I love making each and everyone one of my pieces, but I really love designing custom orders.  I think it's extra special when I can share ideas with someone and create our combined vision!

What makes your designs unique?  I think anything that is handmade is unique:)  Each of my headbands is made, start to finish, by me.  I try and make each a little different and special in its own way, whether it's changing the ribbon that is wrapped around the band or adding different stones in the center of a flower.  I also like to try and mix and match colors and prints that you wouldn't normally think to put together.  

What do we need to know about Mila Rose Designs?  The motto of the line is "be pretty" because that is how I want everyone to be and feel when wearing a mila rose.  I also wanted to have a wide range designs so everyone could wear them regardless of age, size, budget, and style.  I put my all into everything I make, and hope that I can bring a smile to anyone that puts one of my designs on their head:)

If you had to describe your style in 3 words: What would they be?  Pretty, Fun, and Trendsetter


my favorite shape
 big and pink.
like me.
b/c 2 are better than 1. :)

Some of these beautiful babies are in my CART waiting for me to hit "PAY"....