An EXTRA SHOT for Monday.

Romans 8:28- "WE can be sure that in every detail in our lives of love for GOD is worked into something good. " 

every detail. 

how beautiful are those 2 words? 

God is in every detail. He wants us to know that HE LOVES US so much.... that he takes delight in every detail of our lives. :) 


You sweat pants wearing, dish washing, laundry folding,  mop on your greasy hair pony tale wearing days are something GOD WANTS to be apart of. :) 

FOR the FTWM: 
(full time working mom) 
You = stressed at work working with other peoples kids/GROWN up who ACT like KIDS that need to be SPANKED, putting up with cranky customers, having to wear a uniform days are something GOD wants to be apart of. He WANTS to be with you- walking beside you..... telling you HE IS NEAR. 

For the LIW:
(ladies in waiting) 
The late night runs to the store, watching the same LOVE movie wondering when your MR. Right is going to come, the pint of ice cream you just consumed(wait. that doesn't change from single to being married) SCRATCH THAT, the days when you wonder WHEN? WHY ME?.......

GOD is CALLING those days for you to be fully His. He wants it all. 

So run to HIM. Walk to him. crawl to HIM. 

HOWEVER you are.... ALL THAT MATTERS is that you GET TO HIM. 

He has a plan. He sees your pain. He sees your lonely nights. He knows your thoughts. 

ENJOY this song that I now have as one of my "LIFE SONGS" :) 
(what? you don't have a list of  LIFE SONGS?)

He sees you. 

Happy Monday.



  1. Gooooood post BEKA! :) SO right on!!!!!! LOVE!

  2. You are SO right!!!! thank you for this, reBEKAh!

  3. Love this post! Thanks for the encouragement today, Beka! I needed a pick-me-up, and this was perfect! :)


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