Why My Husband "dislikes" Father's Day.

Father's Day.
It has always been a day of celebration while growing up.
When I went away to Kansas City for 3 years, I would make a card or mail a letter telling my daddy what an awesome man he was! 
Father's Day was always a day of FAMILY and FUN and food. :)
We would always tell stories about daddy....
laugh and laugh and laugh.

I met Zach.
Yes, MY Superman.
The 1st Father's Day we spent together was in 2008 at my parent's home in Floyd.
The morning started like any normal Sunday morning at the Phillips household. 
Not just a bowl of cereal.
(which nothing is wrong with the bowl of cereal, i.love. cereal!)
Moving on.
Fried eggs. Bisquits N' Gravy. Bacon. Sausage. Orange Juice. Milk. Strawberry Jelly. Grape Jelly. Peach Jelly.  Scrambled Eggs w/ all the fix'ins!
Daddy was a cook at Shoney's (or was it Denny's) in college. 
So. HE does a breakfast RIGHT!
Zach came up from the basement & dug in to the BUFFET. ok.
 not a buffet. Breakfast buffet's are gross. So...
a FEAST for the KING!

He finished the breakfast & we all headed to Church.
Daddy preached. 
REV' is what my baby sister calls him. 
When he preaches really well.....
We call him Billy. 
{yes. short for Mr. Graham}

Daddy finished his sermon & gave the altar call.
I looked over to my boyfriend & saw him sobbing.
Even then, I didn't quite understand the pain he was feeling.

The service ended.
we headed home to have another feast.
{my mom is an awesome cook too}

On our way home Zach was still crying.
He sat down on the couch in our basement so I went & sat next to him. 
He began to tell me why he was having a hard time.....
why he was sobbing.....
why he didn't like Father's Day....
why he wished this day never existed-

his dad.

Zach hasn't had the best example of a dad.
He had a drug problem. 
left his 8 kids.
never around.

He began to tell me the pain this day brought up in him.
Pain he thought he had gotten' over. 
Pain he hadn't felt for a long time.
Memories of growing up without him around.
Memories of moving from state to state. 

We ended our conversation & headed upstairs to eat dinner.
Zach still crying....

We are greeted at the door by my dad..
He grabs Zach's shoulders & says with the kindest voice....

"Zach. I can be your dad."

Tears came in my eyes as I thought, 
"That's my dad. 
He doesn't even really know Zach yet, but loves with his Father's love."

And that is exactly what my daddy has been to Zach.
a dad. 
This is our 2nd Father's DAY to celebrate that Zach is a dad! 
Each year it is getting easier for us as a family to celebrate Father's Day.

It will always be a tender subject in our home.

Zach is going to Guest blog later this week about Father's Day.

Today we celebrated Zach & my daddy!

We went outside to blow bubbles
this mamma wasn't ready to see  this....

He is growing up so fast! 

 Oh. Let's not forget Little Livia. She is 7 weeks old today!{Monday}

 She is so beautiful. 

She is growing so long.
her cheeks
so big.

the picture that cracked me up all day.
Couldn't stop thinking about it....
She has her mommy's chinssssss....

This would be her every day look. 

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father! And it looks like Zach is following his (your father) great example of a father's love. Thankfully, we have a Heavenly Father who loves us! I love your writing talent--keep using it to praise God!

  2. I can totally relate to feeling that way esp before I was married with kids. Of course now it means something good :) Your kids are adorable!

  3. Thanks for the love on my blog!! Your kids are so stinkin cute! Oh my goodness. What a touching story about your husband and dad, even more reason to celebrate them! :)


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