Summer Days.

I hope your days are filled with SUNSHINE

Those 2 go HANG IN HAND around here lately!!

Summer has hit us Iowans!
I am SO THANKFUL for this sunshine!

The kids and I have enjoyed going over to our friends house!

Enjoying HEAVENLY friendships!

My husband and I are directors of Floyd Master's Commission.
(Email me if you want to know more. )
We just finished our 1st year. 
It has been an AMAZING year. 
SO many lessons learned.
So many wonderful things happening!
We had 3 graduates this year!

We just had our Graduation ceremony on Sunday night.
Unfortunately, I left my camera in the diaper bag, which was with my sister Rachel + my kids!
I didn't get any pictures of our ceremony, but here is our team picture! :) 

This past week we went to see my brother & sister in law. 

Uncle JP made some SMORES....
them! :)

We also have been going to the pool everyday! :) 

It's been a really hot one....
So while Liv naps in the shade,
Tristan & Aunt Loha go down the slide! :) 

So cute and funny!

I hope your summer days are filled with JOY and family!
What are your favorite things to do this summer? 

Also: Help me think of 25 things before I'm 25! ;)




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