Today has been a lovely day. 
Garage Sale this morning. 
All sorts of people coming in my yard to look at the junk I'm getting rid of. :) 


Tonight is SPA PARTY night over at my best friend- Bethany's house! 
It is going to be much needed. I will get the rest and relaxation I need. 
I love having a girls night! 

What's on the agenda this weekend:

1. Garage Sale. 
2. A Birthday dinner for my gal pal-AMANDA.
3. Church. 
4. Getting this house back in order from this week.

What have I been doing this week?

1. Garage Sale. 
2. DECLUTTERING my house! 
3. Drinking more coffee than I should. 
4. Editing pictures from last weekends wedding. 
5. Spending some QT with these 2 little darlings. 

Have you ever just looked at your life and said.... "Woa. I am 1 blessed girl. This is by far the BEST part of my life so far. "

Ladies... Let me just tell you. THESE ARE MY GLORY DAYS.  Yes. I may be 15  40 pounds heavier than I was in high school, have bigger feet from Tristan's pregnancy, have darker roots since I've been prego with my 2 treasures, Or I could posssssssiblllyyyyyyy have more little pregnancy acne on my arms than to know what to do with.....

Let me tell ya.....

These are MY Glory days. These are the days that one DAY my son and daughter will look back on & say... "Mom! remember when you had that garage sale and that lady brought her "baby" out of the car and said, "THIS IS MY BABY." and we than noticed it was a PET GUINEA PIG.
 The BIGGEST one I ever did see. 
(hick talk) 

Or that one time 

"MOM!!! MOMM!!! " 

Yes, Tristan...

Or that one time mom....
ya know.... when you went inside and I am not even 2 years old yet....
& I downed your "poffee"
& asked for more.
(i hope superman doesn't read this.) 

Or that one time mom....
when you lost your wedding ring & just knew you put it in a "SAFE spot"... but couldn't remember where it was....& then...
1 day. 
you found it under your bed. 

Or that one time mommy
(livia speaking now)
when I slept in the stroller while the scary guinea pig lady bought a snow suit. 

Glory Days. 

I am living in my Glory days......

This is by far the best days of my life.

& this weekend... I get to do more of it!