Go Green or Go Home....homie.

Photo contest is: Green. 

I instantly thought of this beauty. 
My son- Tristan. 

He is my boy that would be outside every day if he could!
He's not feeling good today-fightin' a cold for PETE'S SAKE!!!
Isn't it summer??? Those icky allergies get us every time!

******done with vent*********

Liv is 6 weeks old today. :) 
a true beauty!

such a good baby!!!

She is just getting over the cold Tristan had.....
that I had..... That Superman never got. 


I love him with everything in me!
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Alright. I leave you this fine MONDAY morning....er... wait....
afternoon! :) 

With the cutest-most adorable picture of the weekend!

Went to our coffee shop on Friday. 
Tristan was sharing with 1 of my BFF's little girl-Eliza!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the focus on Tristan! And Livia is adorable :)


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