The mop.

Facts about Tristan:
He loves his sister. 
He has curly hair.
It is turning into a MOP of hair. 
I don't want to cut it. (wait that is a fact about me) 
People call him a girl. 
He is pretty like a girl. 

like model pretty. 
(wait. that's just this MAMMA's opinion!) 

Snapped this picture the other day.
A glimpse into our world.

Tristan... (back of the head of hair) 
kissing his baby sister. 

He loves his "baby Ivvy" :) 

Brotherly love. 

She is in good hands. 


  1. Gorgeous hair! I wouldn't want to cut it either:)


  2. I'll be upset if you cut it! It really is his trait! ;) That and his outgoing self! ;)


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