Livia's 1st taste of "icecream.."

Ok. not the REAL stuff, but mommy had it....

scroll to the last picture...

or you can keep reading. 

Livia turned 3 weeks old Monday. 

We had a photo session. 

Daddy snapped this picture of us. :) 
Livia typing now......

Here I am at 3 weeks. :)

Mommy calls this my 
"every day/POP EYE look" 
(Tristan did this look too!!!) 

Here is my favorite thing to do since my mom ate ice cream 2 days in a row. 
. . . . . . . . . 

Beka again...

I, Beka Fox.... will NEVER EVER eat ice cream again. 
Liv let me know that her tummy did NOT appreciate it. 

Here's to a better tomorrow. 



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