There is POWER in a NAME.

Wouldn't you agree?

I am a huge name fan! I love hearing people's names and why they named their kids that.
Special. Unique. Simple. names.....
yes. I love all baby names!
It puts a title on them.
If we go deeper... we can see what the MEANING behind these beautiful names are....

Since y'all know my FUTURE daughter's name....
Which I have loved since day 1. I didn't want Olivia because of how popular it became OVERNIGHT!  I didn't want Alivia because it wasn't my favorite...
I wanted something cute....short.... to the point!
Liv. :)
Nothing sounds better than that, am i right?

Now that i fell in love with the name... I thought... I BETTER LOOK UP THE MEANING!!!

I thought I would tell you her meaning... ;)  

& her life verse!

When I first started looking for her meaning.... I came across "Full of LIFE"
Afterall, I will call her "Liv"! ! ! ! ! ! ! :)
I thought that was so appropriate! 
So fitting!
so CUTE!

Well, My friend Leslie.... has this AWESOME BABY NAME BOOK!

Leslie  told me Livia's meaning & I put that little collage together up above...
(here is leslie)
We just did a photo shoot together!
She is turning 30 in May!! :) 

Want to see more?
OH, alright.... I will show you 1 more!

oops... that was 2 more! OH WELL! :)
Feel blessed! 



Livia's meaning & LIFE VERSE just brought CHILLS to my body! 

When I read the verse and how it talked about being CHOSEN. 
That is exactly how I feel about Livia. 
Whenever my mom would talk about my Great-Grandma (my mother teresa/Corrie Ten Boom) 
My heart would BURST FORTH and I knew that God was telling me that my daughter was going to similar to my Grandma Meyer. 

I'm not sure how everything will unfold with her life yet..... What she will be like as a teenager.... WHAT SHE WILL EVEN LOOK LIKE! ;) 
But I do know that there is a calling on her life... 
A sweet calling that Jesus has placed on her life alone.
In my womb.
He is molding her even now at 37 weeks. 
She is becoming what GOD has called her to be...
 & that is...
like a ROYAL CROWN! :)

Don't worry! 
I'm doing Tristan's name next for you! :) 

I know you are wondering how we picked out the name Tristan.....
more on that on a later post!


  1. Oh Beka, this made Livia's Grandma Dixie cry. PRECIOUS..... Livia is one blessed little girl to get to have you for a mommy, Zach for a daddy, and Tristan for a big brother. :-)

  2. I also am a HUGE fan of name meanings! Livia has a great name and will surely be a great girl!

  3. beautiful we chose our girl's name because it means love or loved one in Welsh and she is definitely a loved little girl. I love Livia so beautifully unique and special.

  4. I love your blog! I too am a Pastor's Daughter marrying a Bishop's Son.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    Be Blessed

  5. I love that name and I always thought about LIFE when I hear that name :) With Zac and you as her parents she will be FULL of Life!!! How do you find the name life verse?
    Jess M.


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