Livia's Shower.

I am so blessed.
Blessed beyond measure. 
Blessed beyond words.
Tonight I am wide awake thinking of everything God has given to Zach and I this year. 
We are blessed.

Tonight was Livia's baby shower. 
It was hosted by Ruth Ann.

It was a shower to remember! 
By FAR...
the prettiest shower I have ever been to! 
(& I have even planned/decorated some--- people!) 

I am so blessed.
I know I keep repeating myself and you are probably...slightly... getting annoyed.
I cannot say it enough.

I am so blessed.
I know that Liv is one loved little girl. 
Tonight was a BURST of fresh air. 
Just what I needed. 

I am 37 1/2 weeks. 
It is almost time. 

AHH! I am so excited...anxious... nervous.... to meet this little bundle. 
Tristan is going to be an amazing big brother. 
He brings me so much joy with how he is learning to say, "Baby sissy." 
(which he said today... for the 1st time!... along with.. "That's cool!") 

OK. Ok. 
here are some pictures from Liv's Shower. 


Diaper cake.
the best one I have EVER seen.
My theme was

(have you read her books?)
pink lemonade.....

ADORABLE CUPCAKES that were delicious!

My talented SWEET friend, RUTH ANN.
(Haddy Grace Designs on facebook. CHECK HER OUT!) 

Tristan lovessssssssss Haddy!

Liv's future BFF.

Coming to watch me open presents! 

Alissa and Ruth Ann!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

my helpers!!! I love these girls! What a blessing THEY have been to me during this season of my life! 

Alissa with her daughter, Halei-BUG.
They made the cake!

My cousin, Amanda... :) 
She has an amazing testimony of GOD's love in her life. 
She is due ANY day with a  little boy.(whose name has not been announced yet... so we call him Elvis. ) 
She is ready to POP and makes me so jealous of her LONG GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL HAIR! :)
I love her and she is always so encouraging to me during this pregnancy!
She introduced me to my death.....
fried pickles. 

As I am typing this... I hope her water breaks. :)

Again. I am blessed! I didn't get to take as many pictures I would have liked.... due to ... well... talking to everyone! :) But... 
My mom and sister took some too! :) 

Hope you are having a beautiful day! (night as I type this!) 

I'm tired. Liv's tired. we are partied out... 


I have LOTS OF CLOTHES, shoes, blankets, and all kinds of things to sort through tomorrow! 
Tristan has a play date as well with his favorite Zimmerman's. :)



  1. SO Blessed!!!!!! <3 Can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!

  2. It was a beautiful baby girl shower and you are VERY blessed! :) What a great Fancy Nancy!

  3. Oh so perfect! Perfect! Perfect!! LOVE THAT CAKE! some people are so talented. oh my.

  4. Hi, Beka! I found you through the Trendy Treehouse New Friend Friday. I love your site and appreciate your story. I am a new follower through Google Friends.
    I invite you over to my blog to visit.
    Have a blessed weekend!


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