In case you have been wondering where I've been.....

I've been staying busy.... 
with my favorite little man
of course,

(goodness. i love saying her name) 

I am 39 weeks people. :) 
I had a Doctor's appointment this morning & nothing has changed since last week, but DO NOT WORRY! I am not discouraged or sad...nor did I EVEN SHED A TEAR! :) 
I know that God gave us this little thing, so in HIS perfect time she will come. 

I was {sortttaaaa}
happy b/c now I have TIME to get some LAST MINUTE things done

EXAMPLE: Tristan & Liv's clothes sorted & their room ready! :)

Zach and I found the most perfect paint job & design for their bedroom.
We only have 2 bedrooms, so they will be sharing a room for a couple years. 
We are in the process of SAVING OUR MOOOOOLAH for adding on! 

We got some family pictures done.... 
Here are some of my personal favorites! :)

Enjoy your Monday! :)


  1. SO lovely! The photos are awesome :) CUTE CUTE!

  2. Hi Beka! I'm a friend of Steph and Ria's... I met you at empower. You have such a cuuute family! I love the pictures :)

  3. Love your family photos! Really captures the spirit of you family....AND happy you have more time to get the last minute things done!!!

  4. so beautiful! can't wait to meet precious little livia! =)

  5. what a precious family!


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