I have talented friends....

that's what my album on facebook is named...........

Ruth Ann is not only a friend, but she is like a sister to our family. She knows the importance of FAMILY & that it starts with a GOOD marriage. She knows that the only place she can receive FULL freedom is at the foot of the cross. She has an amazing testimony and MAYBE she will GUEST blog on my blog 1 day!

As you don't know......... It is Ruth Ann's BIRTHDAY today. We had a photo shoot set up for her *NEW* SPRING line! I am so excited for everyone to see these pictures.....

NOT ONLY b/c Haddy is---OH---SO---ADORABLE, but I am proud to SHOW OFF my friend to y'all!

Here you go ladies....

get ready to drool.........

This is the "Livia Inspired" dress! Meaning: I gave Ruth Ann the idea & she BLEW MY IDEA out of the water! She did such a great job creating this dress!

I love this shot...
because her mouth is so toddler like in it!
She is just OH SO SWEET!
Can you see WHYYYY my Tristan absolutely loves her?

Just look at that face....

She was a trooper. It was CHILLY on my front porch! 

Alright! Please be sure to check out her ETSY site & blog!

Happy Birthday FRIENDSTER! (friend & sister combined) 



  1. God has Blessed me beyond measure!! And you are one of them!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

  2. Love the new designs!!! I guess this means I need a girl! ;)

  3. Some people are so talented! So cute Ruth Ann-- Happy Birthday!

  4. Saw you on the Trendy Tree House blog hop, love your blog, I am now following, please follow me back at http://twinsboutique09.blogspot.com


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