Cellular Saturday.

Fact: I haven't done a Cellular Saturday in quite some time.

Truth: I haven't blogged in a while.

My apologies and here is why....

My "BLACK KNIGHT" laptop has been out of commission!

Superman and I just recently bought a new MAC.

Wanna see the beautiful-most heavenly thing?

And there it is. 

But what is so much more beautiful than a computer? 


 Baby T. 
Who is 19 months old now.
Where has the time gone.
Tristan brings such JOY to my heart. 

and let's not forget.....

Yes. This is a picture of my stomach. 
Can you guess which side she preferred this night? :) 

For those of you that can't...
it was the left. ;)

We can't forget the SUPERMAN....
Here we are about to put the car in reverse and head on to meet friends at our local Mexican Restaurant. 

My BFF from IOWA... who recently moved to KANSAS CITY...
met a guy named JOEL... and now they are dating. ;) 
Here she is! 
Yep! She's taken folks!

By this LUCKY GUY!

Who failed to bring me his application.

I may or may not have found an application to dating my best friend...
and I may or may not have posted it to his facebook! ;) 

We had so much fun yesterday! We talked about....
Apple, Games for our i phones, apps for our iphones, and i pads.
it was a successful night!

(Joel and SUPERMAN are ijunkies) 
Jamie and I tried to change the subject...
a couple times...
but nothin! ;)

Well, We were up late last night due to Tristan coughing... :( 
He's got a raspy deep voice and a cough that rattles. 
makes this momma sad. 

I will be updating about our Master's kids soon!
Our year is almost coming to an end! :) 

Now... time for this tired momma to start up the coffee! :) 

with my hazelnut creamer.  


p.s. every photo was taken from the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiphone.