A day in Des MOINES. . .

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.

Tuesday was the day that my sister and I had a DREAM come true!

Let's back up... shall we?

My sister Rachel is 8 years older than me. Yes. Yes. I know we look the same age. :) Proud to have a CHIN TWIN! :)

Since Rachel is the older sister.... She introduced me to lots of things! Too many things to list... but 2 main things we will talk about in this blog post...

1. Blogger. She introduced me to this wonderful WORLD. :)

which made her introduce me to.........
2. Mckmama

Rachel told me it was a DREAM of hers to have Mckmama photograph her and EASTON! 

Well, Since I am SUCH a fantastic sister & friend....
When I heard that Mckmama was going to be in Des Moines for a day taking sessions with Iowa people!................
YOU BETTER BELIEVE I called Rachel & called again... & again!!!!
(she was asleep)
So I tweeted her....
(she was still asleep!)

So I had to wait until the morning! ........ I didn't sleep very well that night! I was BURSTING FORTH with excitement!!!

We emailed Mckmama & set up our session!

8am on Tuesday morning.... We hit the road!

Tristan looking for the ball! 

Easton needing to take a nap & Tristan wouldn't let him..... HAHA! 
Sorry Easton. :( 

We entered the Botanical Garden (which was NICE AND TOASTY IN THERE) !!! 
We found Mckmama and BOOM...... were off taking pictures left and right! 
We had a 20 minute session with Mckmama and most of it was spent....

looking at the fish & turtle! :) 

Here are some snap shots Rachel and I took after our AWESOME photo shoot. 

I am so blessed to have such an incredible son and SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET nephew! :) 
Can't wait to see who else will be joining us. :) 

Liv this next month? Maybe?
My due date is May 1st!
So . . . we. . . . shall. . . . seeeeeeeee if she is an APRIL BIRTHDAY! :) 

Other snap shots I got of the day. 

If you want a more PLAY BY PLAY version of the day.... Check out my sister's blog!

We will get our pictures back from Mckmama around 6 weeks from now. I could have a new baby by then! ;)

Hope your day is filled with J*o*Y*.......or I guess it is NIGHT by the time I got this blog post published.
What a day! :)


  1. So fun! I love that you girls are having your babies at the same time. :) They'll be very very best friends.

  2. Love it! :) Thanks for helping me out by finding out about Mckmama!!!

  3. :D What a fun thing!! I bet it was neat to see Mckmama in action instead of shooting the photos! Can't wait to seeee them!! ALSO CANT WAIT FOR LIVIA TO BE BORN!! {i'm sure you can't either....}


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